2013 ride to Inuvik, NWT


This website documents an antique motorcycle trip to Inuvik in Canada’s Northwest Territories taken in the summer of 2013 by myself, Aaron Moore and Scott Roush.

Only two roads in North America pass all the way through the Arctic; the Dalton Highway (aka the Haul Road) in Alaska and the Dempster Highway in Canada.  Both roads are mostly gravel, roughly 500 miles long and cover some of the roughest, most remote country in North America.

I rode a 1946 Harley Davidson Knucklehead on its second Arctic trip.  In 2006, I rode the same bike on a 5 month, 22,000 mile trip to the four most distant points one can reach by road in the continental United States, including Deadhorse/Prudhoe Bay, Alaska (north), Anchor Point, Alaska (west), Key West, Florida (south)and Lubec, Maine (east).

That 2006 trip prompted Scott’s interest in riding the Dempster Highway in Canada.  Scott is a physician with a wife and 3 boys, so it took 2 years of planning and organizing to make this happen.  During that time, he restored a 1965 BMW R60/2, which is the motorcycle he road on this trip.